Puralytics® Water Treatment

Sunlight Activated SolarBag®

cycle - solar bag

The SolarBag is a sunlight-activated reusable water purifier that destroys or reduces the broadest range of contaminants without pumping, electricity, chemicals or replaceable components. Simply place the SolarBag in the sun for a few hours, and enjoy safe water.

The only portable water purifier that has proven it can destroy and remove virtually every lethal toxin and pathogen without electricity and/or added chemicals. Reusable hundreds of times and exceeds both US EPA and World Health Organization (WHO) highest safe water standards. Capacity of 3.5 liters, delivering up to 10.5 liters/day.

Designed for emergency preparedness, disaster response, mission teams and also outdoors recreation or international travel.

Ideal where the priority for simplicity and ease of use can't trump having maximum protection and preparedness for any situation!

World's first purifier to treat organic contaminants and heavy metals:

SolarBag 3L


The SolarBag® water purifier treats 3 liters at a time, and can be used several times per day, on sunny or cloudy days. It is simple to operate, using the sunlight to activate the nanotechnology coated mesh insert to purify water. No chemicals or pumps are required, and it can be reused hundreds of times.

The Details

Sunlight, even on a cloudy day, activates our new, powerful purification capability, embedded in our nanotechnology coated mesh insert. This activates the 5 photochemical processes that purify water and reduce or destroy contaminants found in virtually all water sources.

Treats up to 9 liters of water per day. Reusable hundreds of times.


Easy to Use

Fill bag with water from any fresh water source using supplied cloth filter.

Place the SolarBag in an area open to the sky. Wait 2 - 3 hours on a sunny day, or 4 - 6 hours on a cloudy day or if the source water is tea-colored.

Enjoy your safe, purified water! Again, and again, and again...

Shield 1000

LED-Activated Nanotechnology Water Purification


The world's first solid state water purifier. Revolutionarily clean and efficient, providing the broadest range of contaminant removal and best in class chemical toxin protection. Features 100% treated water throughput, with no hazardous discharge. Compact, but scalable and replaces the complexity and hassle of multiple systems. Each unit produces up to 4000 liters per day, using less than 570 watts power.

Advanced Disinfection and Detoxification

  • Replaces complexity of multi stage RO/Filtration systems, while reducing operating costs by 70-80 percent
  • Disinfects and detoxifies in one step, including sterilization of all pathogens, destruction of chemicals and removal of metals, while delivering parts per trillion purity
  • Environmentally green technology that destroys contaminants rather than filtering/concentrating them into a hazardous waste stream, with 100% treated throughput and no chemical consumables


sheild 1000

Designed for decentralized drinking water systems and ideal for multi-unit housing, facility drinking water, small scale water stations and water bottling

The clear and only choice where protection against chemical toxins and environmental sustainability are of concern!

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Sunlight Activated Nanotechnology Water Treatment

lily pad diagram

Our newest innovation, the LilyPad provides both an environmentally safe and effective water treatment solution for cleaning up ponds and managing catchment areas. This reusable, floating purifier continuously destroys chemicals, micro-organisms and removes toxic metals without any waste discharge and minimal maintenance. Application ratio of 1m2 surface coverage will treat 1m3 to a 1 log reduction value of contaminants in 1 daylight of exposure.

Nano-technology Coated Mesh


Designed for use with either natural or man-made ponds, lakes, catchment areas and large diameter open tanks.

Sunlight, even on a cloudy day, activates our new, powerful pu-rification capability. Our nano-technology coated mesh de-stroys organic contaminants found in virtually all water sources. Trace amounts of heavy metals are removed and bacteria, viruses and protozoa are sterilized.

Capacity: 1m2 treats 1m3/day*
Size/weight: 1 meter dia./800 g
Custom sizes available

Finally, a uniquely simple & green solution for general water quality improvement, industrial waste water treatment and storm water run-off management.

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The Puralytics® Process

Five photochemical processes work together synergistically to break down or remove contaminants from water. This process actually destroys contaminants, rather than capturing them and creating a hazardous waste disposal problem.

Photocatalytic oxidation

LEDs or sunlight activate a nanotechnology coated mesh to generate hydroxyl radicals (OH-) which break apart chemical contaminants rendering them inert.


Photocatalytic reduction

Reduces toxic species such as mercury (Hg II), silver (Ag I), arsenic (As V, and chromium (Cr VI) to more readily adsorbed materials.

Photocatalytic Reduction


Direct disassociation of contaminants by high intensity UV light, including atrazine, amoxicillin, DEET, and all estrogenic chemicals.



The catalyst strongly adsorbs heavy metals including mercury, lead, selenium, and arsenic, permanganate, and other compounds.


Photo Disinfection

Multiple wavelengths and high intensity UV disinfect pathogens more effectively than standard UV germicidal lamps.

Photo Disinfection