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Aqseptence Group


Sold to Chinese company Chengdu Techcent Environment, the former Bilfinger subsidiary Water Technologies is now called Aqseptence Group. A specialist provider for the areas of filtration, separation and water technology.

Contra Shear

Contra Shear Brickhouse are the exclusive New Zealand Agent for Contra Shear Wastewater products.

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Aquamats AquaMats®


Advanced Microbial Treatment Technology For Waste Stabilisation Ponds. A means to upgrade existing pond systems, improving discharge quality to meet new, higher standards and potentially increasing processing capacity by a factor of up to ten times.

Wager Sewer Vents

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Odour Control Vent Valves designed to protect the environment from the hazzards of H2S gas being emitted from lift stations, wet wells, gravity lines, and wastewater treatment plants.



Teknofanghi are an Italian company who specialise in sludge treatment. With over 20 years experience in the industry and more than 8,000 units sold worldwide. Teknofanghi is constantly engaged in the study, research and development of new equipment and applications.



In-Eko was founded in 1994 and is based in the Czech Republic. The foundation equipment of In-Eko is the microscreen drum filter. In-Eko have gone on to produce other equipment for both industry and the water and wastewater industry.


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PAXXO is a family owned company that was founded in Sweden 1980. Paxxo strives to improve efficiency and the work environment for professional users in many sectors.


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Longopac® bagging system is developed for professional users and optimal in their daily work. It is a more efficient and economical choice than regular waste bags with a combined handling of both waste and packaging.

Passavant® and Geiger®


Aqseptence Group (Formally Bilfinger Water Technologies) is a global specialist for water and wastewater management. Products include the well-established brand names of Passavant® and Geiger®.


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NOGGERATH® Spiral Sieve NSI is ranked among the best machines of their kind in the world. The liquid flows into the sieve basket, which is open on the inlet side. Solids with a larger diameter than the hole / gap width are retained.

Sam McCoy

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Sam McCoy is a global leading technology provider and manufacturer of equipment for all kinds of industries; especially the water and wastewater industry. They offer a full range of products and solutions including mechanical screens and shaftless screw conveyors.

Werkstoff + Function

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Werkstoff and Function is a Germany company leading the field in water processing. They have decades of experience with sewage treatment and water technology in the municpal as well as industrial sector

Hager + Elsasser

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Based in the UK and is a leading manufacturer of plants for process and ultrapure water treatment, as well as for wastewater treatment, water and recyclable material recovery. Our main product from Hager + Elsasser is the Toveko Continuous Washing Sand Filter